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About Competition

Enjoying the rote classroom or online learning? We hope Not !!

We bring you India’s biggest PBL (Project Based Learning) robotics competitions - the e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC) hosted by e-Yantra, IIT Bombay.


What is eYRC ?

  • A truly inclusive and international competition accommodating teams with varied level of skills from beginners to advanced teams.
  • Our abstracted gamified problem statements (called Themes) range from a variety of skills including ROS, Machine Learning, Image Processing, 3D Designing, Embedded Systems, Functional Programming and much more.
  • Conducted completely online over a period of 5-6 months in a “LEARNING while COMPETING” mode.
  • An exceptional hands-on learning experience to complement and enhance your engineering curriculum.
  • Work in team and learn “Collaboration” - a crucial 21st Century Skill
  • Compete with International students

How are we different ?

  • eYRC uses a Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach.
  • A truly practical and hands-on learning experience
  • Prior knowledge desirable but definitely NOT necessary other than basic skills
  • Knowledge on concepts in Embedded systems and Robotics
  • Real-world problem solving skills
  • A great community of expert technical team as Mentors
  • Peer-to-peer interaction and learning via active Discussion forums


e-Yantra Certificates

Various levels of certificates by
e-Yantra IIT Bombay *

Cash Prizes

Worth 10,00,000 INR*

e-Yantra Goodies

T-Shirts, Swag Bags, Pop Sockets etc. *

6-Weeks Paid Internship

At IIT Bombay, Mumbai *

* : Offered based on individual performance and completion of eYRC


Who Can Participate?

  • Open for all students across the world
  • For full time Engineering/ Science/ Polytechnic college students in universities/ colleges, for a degree in any discipline.
  • Register as a team of 2-4 members; team members can be of any year/branch/department BUT must belong to the same college/institution.
  • Each student can join only one team.
  • One member of the team should be designated as the team leader, who is responsible for all communications with e-Yantra.

Terms and Conditions

Failure to comply with any of the following rules, terms and conditions of the competition may result in disqualification of the participating team.

Each team member will register with only one email ID.

A team will NOT BE PERMITTED to change/replace any team member(s). A team once registered will remain unchanged till the end of competition.

e-Yantra holds complete discretion to assign Tracks/Themes to selected teams.

All participants (implicitly) consent to allow their names and photographs to be used for publicity purposes by e-Yantra during and after the competition.

e-Yantra holds intellectual property rights for all materials submitted by the participating teams for the competition.

e-Yantra will not be responsible for submitted material lost in transit.

All material submitted must be the team's original work.

Any kind of plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification of a team. Remember Plagiarism is cheating.

Provide proper citation for the source of any idea or words taken from anywhere else. Provide references for the material used in your work.

e-Yantra’s decision is final and no appeals will be entertained.

e-Yantra reserves the right to modify or amend the prizes, rules, terms and conditions of the competition at any time.

Registration Fee

All registered teams are directly inducted into Stage 1 of the competition.

Domestic Teams
5000 INR
/Team (inc. taxes)
2500 INR
/Team (inc. taxes)

Extra 10% Discount for eLSI colleges team

(Special 10th edition discount)

International Teams
80 USD
/Team (inc. taxes)
40 USD
/Team (inc. taxes)

(Special 10th edition discount)

Registration has been closed !!!

e- Xperience

Watch videos of past participants how they feel about the
e-Yantra Robotics Competition?