To start with the registration process, you need to create a team of 4 students consisting of 1 Team Leader and 3 Team Members from the same College. Fill in the details on registration form to get started on your journey in e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC 2019-20).

Step 1: Team Details

Team Leader completes the following on behalf of his/her team members:

State: Select the state where your college is situated.

College Name: Select the college name from the dropdown list. If your college name does not appear in the list of colleges, please click on the "Add new College" button provided on the registration form and fill in the details of your college. We will add your college to our database within 24 hours.

Full Name: Fill in the full names of all team members. Note that the names as given will be used in all communications including certificates(if issued).

e-mail: Fill in the correct e-mail ids of all team members; these are used for verification. Each team member should register with only one email id and should be part of ONLY ONE Team. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to disqualification of the teams having a duplicate team member.

If you enter wrong email during registration please follow this: The team leader can correct a team members' email id, name and contact number using CORRECT E-MAIL button from Team Profile. The respective team member will receive a new Registration email with the verification link. This operation can only be performed if the team member is yet to verify their email id. In case of team leader's wrong e-mail id, Please write to us at with his/her correct e-mail id and mention your team Id :- eYRC#YOUR TEAMID for quick action.

Contact: Fill in the contact numbers for all the team members. Please make sure that the contact numbers are active for the duration of the competition.

Make sure that all team members read the "Terms & Conditions" and agree to abide by them; Check the "I agree" button on behalf of your team members for participating in the competition. Click on "Register" button.
All the team members receive a Registration email from e-Yantra containing their login credentials and a verification link which is used for the next step.

Step 2: Verification

All the team members need to verify their email ids by clicking on the "Activate and Login" button in the Registration email sent by e-Yantra.

Step 3: Member Details

All the team members need to login using their own credentials that they received in the Registration email and fill their details in the "My Profile" page.

Step 4: Team Photo

The Team Leader needs to upload a scanned image of College Identity Cards of all the 4 team members on the "Team Photo" Page after logging in at Details for uploading the photo are given in the "Team Photo" Page.

In case any team member does not have a College Identity Card, his/her other valid identity card (e.g College Library Card/PAN/AADHAR) may be used in the Team Photo. In such a case, next to the scanned image of that id, the team member must get the signature and stamp of college authority.